DS3800HPTK Replacement

Embedded Power Control's DS3800HPTK replacement, the EPCHPTL, is designed for reliability. We sell new, not refurbished, and include a one year warranty.

Reliability Improvements

The GE DS3800HPTK was designed over 30 years ago, and has several weaknesses. The EPCHPTL was designed specifically to address the DS3800HPTK's weaknesses and increase thyristor life. Design features include:


The EPCHPTL was introduced in 2010 and has been providing reliable service ever since in demanding, high-reliability applications. Every EPCHPTL is made in the USA.


Whether you need to replace one DS8000HPTK or are ready to retrofit an entire drive, we can help. Contact us for a quote. We sell direct and keep stock on hand.
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